An Unusual Herefordshire Tea Room and Garden of Surprise

Shipley Gardens, Herefordshires Premier Attraction

Visit Shipley Gardens
The stunning unconventional Herefordshire tourist attraction of Shipley Gardens surrounds a Wye Valley 1545 heritage Homestead standing upon the site of previous dwellings that since Roman times have administered the adjacent ford and former ferry.

Autumn Harvest from Shipley GardensSpend time relaxing in the beautiful surroundings and explore the extensive informal garden which will surprise you at every turn with its delightful plant life and wildlife habitats.  The gardens are carefully managed as a home for birds; insects; butterflies and small mammals.

The gardens have been lovingly created during the last 40 years by the owner Bob Macadie. The 30 acres of mixed environmental habitats are designed as a magical structure of garden rooms moulded into the base of the escarpment next to the flood plain of the valley floor.

Discover the old boat where peacocks roost, the six arm chairs made from recycled paddock fencing and the old swimming pool which is occasionally visited by Mink, as it is used to breed annual crops of Frogs, Toads and Newts. A truly magical part of Herefordshire.

If you need a break from exploring, the atmospheric Tea Rooms offer a very wide selection of tea, coffee and home made cakes to refuel you ready for investigating more of the garden.

One of the most popular attractions within the gardens are the Lecterns that offer whimsical and quirky anecdotes that will bring a smile to your face.

If you're visiting Herefordshire for the first time, Shipley Gardens is a must see attraction that you will want to return to time and again.

We hope to see you soon.

2014 & 2015 Visitor Observations :
Professor Stefan Buczacki, the British horticulturist, botanist, broadcaster and author of more than 50 books, visited Shipley Gardens in Herefordshire in October of 2014, and wrote an article titled "Great British Gardens To Visit" in the November issue of the magazine, "Garden News" - in which he said that the gardens created by the owner Bob Macadie over the last 40 years are - Inspirational.

We visited Shipley on the 28th of May 2015 and wish to express what an enjoyable time we had. I call it a secret garden. Around each corner there was something hidden - waiting to burst into flower, the lilac perfume was delicious and loved the oversized chairs. Talking to Bob was amazing - so much knowledge. We hope to visit again as we are not far away at Abergavenny. Thank you so much, Brenda & Bob.

40 members of The Cardiganshire Horticultural Society visited Herefordshire's Holme Lacy Wye Valley Gardens on the 10th of June 2015 and were addressed by the owner and creator, Bob Macadie. They explored the extensive gardens and the buildings of his design and construction - then had tea or coffee, and award winning hand made cakes supplied by Clams of Abergavenny.

September 2011 Visitor Observations :
An absolutely wonderful and magical visit. The information boards were especially good to read. Inspirational! We hope to come back in the Spring. A real "find". Thank you so much. Best wishes, Ian & Shirley of West Sussex. Insprational, inventive, peaceful and poetic. P & JC of Durham.

June 2011 Visitor Observations :
EB // How refreshingly UN-NATIONAL TRUST !! LP // Brilliant Poetry in particular . MA // This is a superb photographers garden , so artistic, such interesting arrangements. We had a brilliant day. MB // What an enchanting garden; wonderful blend of wildness meeting cultivation; far more to take in than can be [absorbed] in one visit; you have provided new inspiration to a fellow horticulturalist somewhat jaded by commercial landscape gardening in Bermuda. M&P A // “ A lovely walk punctuated by the information boards which were informative; learned; poetic and whimsical. A magical experience.” R [Horticulturalist] // “ Absolute delight. Very special garden – landscape and content endlessly providing colour/interest/humour! and magic. Tea and cakes homemade and 5 star. Hosts give warm welcome. Its six o’clock and myself and friend don’t want to go. We’ll be back and would be happy to pay more. Its a great value unique experience for any nature loving or human feeling person. A&M D // Stopped off for lovely coffee, even lovelier cake and beautiful ambience! A ½ hour of 2nd honeymoon. Thank you!

May 2011 Visitor Observations :
Wonderful & surprising garden full of adventure. DE & RE. // This is an unusual place – with a sense of deep care and love of place. JC. // A glorious garden and a real joy to visit; Wonderful orchestra of peacocks too. WH. // A fascinating garden with a delight at every turn. G & S // A tranquil, dreamy experience, where the imagination is free to play. Such an honour to visit the garden, loved it all, the wildness and scents and sounds and visual appeal. Thank you! A & C [ Rangers ] // J & M // Really enjoyable, plus the Lectern reading – thank you for the thought that has gone into everything // S P. [ extract from a letter of thanks ]  I found your 'semi wild and unconventional 'garden to be a truly restful and inspiring place,  it was delightful to see the vigour and abundance of wild plants and flowers intermingled with the cultivated; as a keen photographer with a botanical interest it proved to be particularly rewarding for the photo opportunities which it offered ! // C & MA. A hidden Gem! Unique! // M&T CJ. An amazing tapestry of beautiful ideas and many interesting features. // M & RV. Lovely natural wild garden //. R & BD. Really inspiring. Thanks //. J & EM As nature intended, but with gentle assistance by man. // V & MB. Wonderful environment for all that nature intended & more. Loved the Peacocks. Will be back next year. // L & JD. A really beautiful garden – we envy you // F & B. Very beautiful place, magical. Kind lovely interesting hosts. // AB. Exquisite & very therapeutic //. CH. Very beautiful & very welcoming. Thank you! //. GH. Calming, Inspiring & lovely. // MDH. Lovely garden to visit & friendly informative reception. SDH. A fantastic experience. If I lived nearby I would be visiting every week & drawing; drawing; drawing. // MB /MD – CB/BK. Beautiful piece of magical eccentricity – lovely to see how you have made the most of your SUwSe imagination. // Note by Bob : [SUwSe] = “The vertical-horizontal illusion in a visually rich environment”. // D&SH. It was a fantastic experience to be able to wander through natural and mixed varieties of vegetation. // J&KS. It was like stepping back in time; childhood memories and the beauty of nature.

April 2011 Visitor Observations :
Fascinating , eclectic mix of inspiration and perspiration. Lovely novel ideas . We need to come again to see it at different times . PS & SS . // A beautiful  & tranquil oasis ; A calm & fabulous garden ; A lovely escape from the modern chaos of life . KG & SG . //  I am moving in . Beautiful . DG & JG . // Stunning in its informal beauty .DB . // A gem , the gem of English charm, courtesy & a little eccentric – loved it . JS // A truly British garden with a surprise round every corner ; Could spend many more hours here; Thank you for an enjoyable royal wedding afternoon . TD . PB . SS. // Coo !! Your wife’s a bit of a cracker isn’t she !! G S  // [ This was a  reference to my Tea Lady ]