An Unusual Herefordshire Tea Room and Garden of Surprise

Shipley Estate

30 acres of mixed environmental habitats.
Shipley gardens are set within 30 acres of mixed environmental habitats adjacent to the River Wye at Holme Lacy. The wonderfully informal and inspirational
garden style has been created during the last 40 years by owner
Bob Macadie.
The old boat
The old boat forms a place for Peacocks to roost and Peahens to nest, temporally safe from the many foxes wandering the floor of the valley. The
Gardens habitats include many specially contrived places for Barn Owls; Bats and a range of other animals
Garden rooms
Each year, there are plantings of the seeds of differing annual flowers and vegetables from the various regions of the world. These are integrated into the structures of trees, shrubs and perennials forming the garden rooms.

A magical structure of garden rooms are
moulded into the base of the escarpment next to the flood plain of the valley floor, in which strong groups of conventional garden flowers, jostle with the changing mix of wild plants from warmer regions.
The escarpment next to the flood plain
April produces
displays of Primula beneath strands of Weeping Willow with a
pathway leading to the adjacent Badminton Court. The doorway provides views to the Woolhope Dome, containing one of the largest diversities of butterflys.
April displays of Primula
The large brilliant orange and scarlet foxglove flowers of the Trumpet Vine. Campsis Grandiflora, from the south east of the United States flower in late summer, simultaneously with the giant Red Hot Poker from South Africa.
Trumpet Vine

Arm chairs
I made six arm chairs and a dozen benches in 1996 in the manner of Charles Renee Mackintosh of the 1896 L'Art Nouveaux period. They are fabricated from recycled horse paddock mortised oak post & rail that had rotted at their base.
White Golf ball heads of Echinops nivalis
Some pf the mixes of wild and cultivated flowers can produce captivating photo opportunities. In late July the white Golf ball heads of Echinops nivalis, alive with bees and insects, intermingle with the white seed fleece of Epilobium.
Charming Tea Rooms
There is an old swimming pool still used by the family in a building that has one spacious end as unique and charming Tea Rooms, with their own atmosphere. There are home made cakes in variety, and hot weather offerings of fresh lemon drinks.